Heraldry and Insignia of the California State Military Forces
185th Armor Regiment
140th Tank Battalion
Distinctive Unit Insignia, 140th Tank Battalion, and later 185th Armor Regiment
Distinctive Unit Insignia
Design Approved: Approved initially for the 140th Tank Battalion 2 May 1952
Symbolism: Yellow and green are the colors used for armor The two sea lions symbolize two battle honors in the Philippines during world War II. The club head, a weapon of the Bismarck Archipelago, represents battle battle honors for that area. The division line refers to the mountainous terrain of Korea where the 140th earned the Presdential Unit Citation during the Korean War.
Motto: FULMEN JACIO (I Hurl The Thunderbolt)
Coat of Arms
Battalion Color, 1st Battalion, 185th Armor Regiment
Proposed Distinctive Unit Insignia
In 1959, separate Tank Battalions were grouped into loose regimental family. When the 185th Armor was formed most of its units could trace their lineage back to the old 185th Infantry Regiment. Therefore, it was proposed to resurrect the old heraldry of that regiment with the colors changed from Infantry blue to Armor yellow. This attempt to provide a link to the old regiment was, unfortunately, disapproved. However, several examples of this insignia were made and worn and are now quite rare.

140th Tank Battalion, Japanese-made, fully embroidered insignia
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