Military Responses to Disasters
Northern California Floods, 1952
(January 1952)
National Guard Response

During January, 1952, an abnormal heavy and continuous rainfall occurred causing floods in many areas within the State. The floods resulted in extensive property damage and personal injuries and threatened to create immediate danger to the lives, health and well-being of persons in these areas as well as to the safety of public and private property and the maintenance of essential services.

As a result of the conditions existing at that time, the employment of California National Guard and California Air National Guard personnel, equipment and facilities was deemed desirable to assist counties, cities and other local agencies and officers in alleviating and preventing actual and threatened damage.

637th Field Artillery Battalion,
Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
Service Battery
Battery A
Battery B
Battery C
49th Military Police Company
159th Infantry Regiment
2nd Battalion, Headquarters and Headquarters Company
49th Quartermaster Company: Twenty-two guardsmen
144th Fighter Wing
146th Fighter Wing
195th Fighter Squadron: Three airmen.

Source: 1950-1952 Biennial Report of the Adjutant General of the State of California


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