Heraldry and Insignia of the California National Guard
224th Infantry Regiment
224th Armored Infantry Battalion
Distinctive Unit Insignia
1946 Unapproved DUI
1951 Approved DUI
Design Approved: 22 August 1951
Symbolism: The colors blue and white (silver) are for infantry. Decent from the 185th Infantry Regiment is shown by the use of the same basic design of the shield of that organization's coat of arms in reversed colors with the caraboa head added to symbolize service in the Philippine Islands during World War II.
Motto: PERSEVERENTIA TRIUMPHAT (Persaverance Triumphs)
Regimental Color
Regimental Colors being presented using the unapproved post World War II coat of arms at Camp San Luis Obispo, circa 1948.
Unofficial Insignia
Korea War Souvenir patch, worn on the back of a field/souvenir jacket. Tank Company, 224th Regimental Combat Team. There is a small 40th Infantry Division insignia on the wolf's helmet
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