Heraldry and Insignia of the California State Military Forces
California Cavalry Battalion, 2nd Regiment of Cavalry, Massachusetts Volunteers
Battalion Standard, California Cavalry Battalion, This standard was designed and commissioned by Colonel C. Crowninshield just before the units were mustered out at Fairfax Courthouse and was personally presented by him to the battalion in July of 1865. It was returned to California and presented to the State by Col. A. McKendry, the last commander of the Regiment on March 7,1866 (California State Capitol Museum)
National flag originally presented to the Battalion upon their departure from San Francisco in March, 1863. It was returned in 1865 by Major Thompson and he was responsible for adding the honors. He carried it in the 1896 Washington's birthday parade at age 70. The image on the left shows the flag in its 1886 condition (color enhanced) and the one on the right is as it appears now. (Mike Sorenson, California State Capitol Museum)
Company Guidon, Company A (California 100) (California State Capitol Museum)
This is the original cavalry guidon flown by Company M of the 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry. The oil painted laurel wreath surrounds block U.S. with a star device and C circumscribing a block M in center. The guidon's overall dimensions are 30" X 40". It is surrounded by gold fringe. The guidon was one of four California Battalion company flags presented in March of 1863 when they departed San Francisco. The presenter was Daniel Norcross, a local regalia supplier. When the four companies arrived in Boston, they were re-designated E, F, L, and M with C Co., receiving the "M" designation, thus clarifying the presence of both the C and M devices on the guidon. (Mike Sorenson Collection)

Company E guidon. (US Military Academy Museum)
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