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Camp Gilmore
(San Joaquin County)
Established at the site of the California Volunteers' Camp McDougall (1861), this was the site of the State Encampment of the Third Brigade, California Militia. It was located at French Camp Slough about three miles south of Stockton in San Joaquin County. The encampment was held from September 14 to September 24, 1863.

The following was transcribed by Dee Sardoch for the San Joaquin County Rootsweb message board. These articles are from the Stockton Daily Independent, Stockton, San Joaquin County, California.

Thursday, September 10, 1863

3RD BRIGADE CALIFORNIA MILITIA - An Encampment of this Brigade will be held near this city, in compliance with General Orders No. 3, commencing on Monday next, 14th inst., and continuing 10 days. As a matter of interest at this time, we publish below a list of companies and officers of the same, composing the 3rd Brigade, California Militia.

*THE 1ST INFANTRY BATTALION is under command Lieut.-Colonel Wm. A. DAVIES, and is composed of 5 companies, as follows:

COMPANY A (Tuolumne Home Guard) -
Stephen WING, Captain
M.C. ANDROS, 1st Lieutenant
Charles C. CALL, Sen. 2d Lieutenant
John B. DOUGLAS, Jr., 2d Lieutenant

COMPANY B (Sigel Guard) -
W.W. TRAYLOR, Captain
W.S. COOPER, 1st Lieutenant
Frank YORK, Sen. 2d Lieutenant
P.N. FISHER, Jr., 2d Lieutenant

COMPANY 3 (Jamestown Guard) -
A.B. WOODWARD, Captain
Louis T. SLONICKER, 1st Lieutenant
Pardon B. SMITH, Sen. 2d Lieutenant
Charles L. METZGER, Jr., 3rd Lieutenant

COMPANY D (Tuolumne Home Guard) -
Alexander STAIR, Captain
Geo. W. FISHER, 1st Lieutenant
Daniel VEDDER, Sen. 2nd Lieutenant
Frederick B. THOMAS, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant

COMPANY E (Tuolumne Home Guard) -
George RODDEN, Captain
Alpheus YOUNG, 1st Lieutenant
J.F. WILLNER, Sen. 2nd Lieutenant
Wm. H. GALE, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant

*THE 2ND BATALLION is under command of Lieut.-Colonel T.J. MATTESON and Major T. Frank DAVIS, and is composed of the following companies:

COMPANY A (Calaveras Light Guard) -
A.H. STEVENS, Captain
A.J. BERRY, 1st Lieutenant
G.W. BARNES, Sen. 2nd Lieutenant
Edward SCOTT, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant

COMPANY B (Union Guard, Campo Seco) -
John B. SPARKS, Captain
Thomas H. PECK, 1st Lieutenant
W.C. WHETSTONE, Sen. 2nd Lieutenant
J.H. WELLS, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant

COMPANY C (Stockton Union Guard) -
L.E. LYON, Captain
G. VAUGHN, 1st Lieutenant
W.R. SAVAGE, Sen. 2nd Lieutenant
J.P. STOCKWELL, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant

COMPANY D (Angels Guard) -
P.W. SCRIBNER, Captain
B.R. COON, 1st Lieutenant
Robert PATTERSON, Sen. 2nd Lieutenant
George STICKLE, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant

COMPANY E (Franklin Guard) -
Robert M. BRYANT, Captain
Merrill BUTT, 1st Lieutenant
A.T. BARTLETT, Sen. 2nd Lieutenant
Wm. A. HAMM, Jrs., 2nd Lieutenant

COMPANY F (San Andreas Light Infantry) -
James BARCLAY, Captain
P.A. BORDWELL, 1st Lieutenant
Fred. HAHN, Sen. 2nd Lieutenant
A. CAMPBELL, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant

H.J. TEEL, Captain
A.D. ALLEN, 1st Lieutenant
D.H. PINE, Sen. 2nd Lieutenant
F.K. BECHTEL, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant

Thomas K. HOOK, Captain
P.L. SHOAFF, 1st Lieutenant
I.V. LEFFLER, Sen. 2nd Lieutenant
Henry LEWIS, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant

Jacob HESS, Captain
George H. DONNELL, 1st Lieutenant
L.L. DEMING, Sen. 2nd Lieutenant
P.P. JEWETT, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant

William S. POWELL, Captain
George W. DUNCAN, 1st Lieutenant
John T. COLLINS, Sen. 2nd Lieutenant
William C. DEPUTY, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant

J.C. GEBHART, Captain
D.L. HOPKINS, 1st Lieutenant
David A. SCRIMGEOR, Sen, 2nd Lieutenant
Mark ALLEN, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant

IN ADDITION to the above is a Cavalry Company, recently organized at Linden, in this county, the officer of which are as follows, not yet reported at the office of the Adjutant General:
P.R. TARR, Captain
I.R. WILBUR, 1st Lieutenant
Peter VORHIES, Sen. 2nd Lieutenant
L.C. BEADLE, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant

A CAVALRY COMPANY was organized at Lockeford on Saturday last, the name of officers of which have not yet transpired.

Friday, September 11, 1863

PROPOSALS - Adjutant-General KIBBE has appointed Mr. J.A. ZIMMERMAN, sutler to the 3rd Brigade during its encampment near this city. Proposals will be received by him for rent privileges at the Encampment Grounds during the time the Encampment will be held (10 days) for a restaurant, fruit-stand and barber shop. Application must be made immediately to the sutler at the Weber House saloon.

Papers on File at the California State Archives

a. Correspondence: 26 documents (1863-1864)
b. Orders 25 documents (1863)
c. Receipt and invoices: 2 documents (1863)
d. Pay accounts: 20 documents (1863)
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