40th Infantry Division (Mechanized) Order of Battle, 1994
Division Headquarters

40th Infantry Detachment

160th Infantry Detachment

40th Military Police Company

140th Chemical Company

40th Infantry Division Band

240th Signal Battalion

140th Military Intelligence Battalion (US Army Reserve)
1st Brigade
2d Battalion, 160th Infantry Regiment
3d Battalion, 160th Infantry Regiment
1st Battalion, 185th Armor Regiment
1st Battalion, 221st Armor Regiment (Nevada)

2d Brigade
4th Battalion, 160th Infantry Regiment
2d Battalion, 185th Armor Regiment
3d Battalion, 185th Armor Regiment

3d Brigade
2d Battalion, 159th Infantry Regiment
1st Battalion, 184th Infantry Regiment
1st Battalion, 149th Armor Regiment

Aviation Brigade
1st Squadron, 18th Cavalry Regiment
1st Battalion, 140th Aviation Regiment
Company D (Command), 140th Aviation Regiment
Company E (Assault), 140th Aviation Regiment
Company F (Aviation Intermediate Maintenance), 140th Aviation Regiment

Engineer Brigade
132d Engineer Battalion
578th Engineer Battalion
579th Engineer Battalion

Division Artillery
1st Battalion, 143d Field Artillery Regiment
2d Battalion, 144th Field Artillery Regiment
3d Battalion, 144th Field Artillery Regiment
Battery D (Multiple Launch Rocket System), 144th Field Artillery Regiment
Battery F (Target Aquisition), 144th Field Artillery Regiment

Division Support Command
540th Main Support Battalion
40th Support Battalion
240th Support Battalion
340th Support Battalion
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