Heraldry and Insignia of the California State Military Forces
49th Military Police Battalion
Current Distinctive Unit Insignia
Design Approved: 22 April 1976 for 185th Military Police Battalion
Symbolism: Service as infantry organizations in World War II in the Aleutian and Europe is symbolized by the two blue swords, a polar star, and a fleur-de-lis. The star is further reference to the badge of the early law enforcement officers and refers to the basic mission of the organization. The gold roundel or bezant refers to the nickname of California known as the Land of Gold and home of the unit.
Obsolete Distinctive Unit Insignia
Design Approved: 22 April 1977
Symbolism: The sword with the divided disk bearing the fleur-de-lis refers to service in Europe in World War I and II. The wavy blue band simulating water represent serviec in the Aleutian Islands in World War II and also refer to San Francisco Bay and Alameda, home of the organization. The green and red disk signify control and refer to the mission.
Obsolete Organizational Flag
Current Coat of Arms
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