Heraldry and Insignia of the California National Guard
625th Field Artillery Battalion
Distinctive Unit Insignia, 625th Field Artillery Battalion
Distinctive Unit Insignia
Symbolism: Red and yellow are used for Artillery. The three points are used to represent mountains and, against a golden sky, allude to the "Golden West". Historically they also refer to Spanish, Mexican and American sovereignty of California, and in a military sense may be considered as representing aggressiveness in attack. The wings were suggested by the coat of arms of Los Angeles, the home area of the battalion. The narrow blue bar at the top is used for combat service in Korea
Motto: EN CAMINO (On The Way)
Original design worn prior to 1951. It appears that this was never approver by the Army. Insignia courtesy of Master Sergeant Bob Hanson, Headquarters Battery, 625th Field Artillery Battalion.
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