History of California State Military Forces
7th Regiment, California State Guard
Distinctive Unit Insignia of the 7th Regiment
One of the original regiments of the California State Guard raised in 1941. It was a regiment raised by the African American community in Southern California. The regiment was made up of veterans of the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments and the 24th and 25th Infantry Regiments as well as the 92nd and 93rd Divisions raised during World War I. This heritage was reflected in the heraldry of their distinctive unit insignia. The French "Adrian" helment represents the African American 92nd and 93rd Divisions that were attached to and equipped by the French Army. The Bison represents the "Buffalo Soldiers" of Western Indian Wars fame.
Regimetal Staff of the 7th Regiment. Currently, only four individuals are identified. Colonel Moody Staten is the tall officer to the left, Colonel Moody served as a captain in the Corps of Military Police during World War I. To his left is his secretary, Corporal Armede Carter and to his right is his niece. The officer standing at the far right is the Regimental Chaplain, Rufus Cooper.
Colonel Moody Staten, Commander, 7th Regiment
Colonel Moody Staten, Real Estate Broker and Civic Leader, born in Lincoln County, North Carolina, February 18, 1891, the son of Julius and Ann (Holzclaw) Staten.

Colonel Staten received his early education in the rural schools of Lincoln County. At the age of twenty-one, he enlisted in the United States Army, and was assigned to the 25th Infantry Regiment where he rose to the rank of First Sergeant. He continued his education in army post schools and at Washington Teachers College.

In 1917, he was commissioned a Captain of Infantry and assigned to the 92nd Division. He went to France with the 92d Division and participated in campaigns in Voges Mountains, the Argonne Forest, and at Metz. In 1923 by presidential appointment he became Military Attache to the American Legation in the Republic of Liberia, and Commander of the Liberian Frontier Force for more than four years.

On December 7, 1941, he was in command of the 7th Regiment, California State Guard, with the rank of full Colonel Other war-time services included membership on the Ration Board, Draft Board and Minority Committee of the War Manpower Commission.

On April 30, 1918, in Manhattan, Kansas Colonel Staten was married to Miss Lulu Gordon of Spokane, Washington. They are the parents of one child.

Moody R. Colonel Staten was a member of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, and Negro Veterans Council of California. Fraternally, he was a member of I.B.P.O.E. of W., Masonic Lodge, A.F. and A.M. (Prince Hall); and Order of the Eastern Star. He held membership in the Golden West Realty, Board, the Outdoor Life and Health Association, the Pacilic Town Club, the Century Club, 28th Street Branch, YMCA, and' the NAACP. His religious faith was indicated his membership in the Zion Temple Non-denominational Church.
Colonel Moody died in March 1, 1970 at 79 years old.
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