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Anaheim Airport
(Naval Outlying Landing Field, Anaheim)

The airport was established with a grass 2,200-foot east-west runway in 1936 by Mr. Sam Coughran and the Luebkeman family on the 240-acre Luebkeman Ranch. From 1937 until the declaration of War in December 1941, the airport was used by private pilots and for flying instruction, including basic flight training under the Civilian Pilot Training Program beginning in 1939. By 1941, the airport had two hangars and six runways. The name of the airport was changed in 1941 to Anaheim Airport through the encouragement of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, which was investigating the business potential of the site. It is not known whether refueling was available at the airport, which is not listed in airport directories of the time.

From anecdotal evidence and newspaper reports:-it is concluded that during World War II (WWII) the airport was used as an auxiliary field for the basic flight training of Navy pilots based at the Los Alamitos Naval Reserve Air Base, five miles southwest of the site. The lease with the Navy was initiated during or subsequent to 1942, and was terminated prior or during 1945. No material was found to determine whether the Navy made any improvements to the site. After WWII, the Luebkeman family did not reopen the airport. The metal hangars were used for storage of farm equipment and cars. In 1970 the site was sold to a developer and the hangars razed. The site is now developed as a residential area of single family homes.

Source: Los Angeles District, Army Corps of Engineers (19 Aug 99)

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