California and the Balkans
The California Air National Guard in Bosnia-Hertzigovina
163rd Air Refueling Wing

Members ofthe CalifomiaAir National Guard's 163rd Air Refueling Wing deployed over 300 members and three KC-135 aircrafttoPisa, Italy to provide refueling in support of Bosnia flight operations during Operation Decisive Endeavor. The unit also deployed 250 members and three aircraft to Istres, France in support of NATO operations over Bosnia.
146th Airlift Wing

Members of the 146th Airlift Wing participated in Operations Provide Hope, Joint Guard, and Joint Forge in the former Yugoslavia, Boznia-Herzegovina, and Europe.
162nd Combat Communications Group
Communications personnel from the 162nd Combat Communications Group participated in Operation Joint Guard in Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina during the 1996-1999 timeframe.
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