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California and the Civil War
Their Horses Climbed Trees: The Chronicle of the California 100 and Battalion from San Francisco to Appomattox
by Larry Rogers and Keith Rogers
Hardcover 480 pp. 20 b/w photographs October 2001
Schiffer Publishing
Tells the little known story of the five hundred volunteers from California known as the "California Hundred and Battalion", who fought in the East during the Civil War years 1863-1865 as a part of the Second Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry Regiment. Genealogists, teachers, researchers, and historians will gain new insights into California's involvement in the Civil War in the East, which has been largely overlooked.
Bear Flag and Bay State in the Civil War : The Californians of the Second Massachusetts Cavalry
by Thomas E. Parson
Hardcover - 219 pages (October 2001)
McFarland & Company
The Second Massachusetts Cavalry included the only organized group (5 companies totaling 504 men) from California to fight in the east during the Civil War. Led by a young Boston aristocrat, Colonel Charles R. Lowell, these men began their wartime careers in Northern Virginia in 1862, clashing with the partisan rangers of Major John S. Mosby, in a deadly world of guerrilla warfare. In August of 1864, the regiment was assigned to Major General Phil Sheridan's Army of Shenandoah and served through all of the battles in the victorious campaign to clear the valley of Confederates, witnessing the final surrender at Appomattox Courthouse. This account tells what these men from California and Massachusetts accomplished, how they communicated, and how they viewed themselves. The book contains three appendices that list the battle casualties of the regiment during its largest engagements. Photographs and a bibliography are also included
California Sabers: The 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry in the Civil War
by James McLean
Hardcover (December 2000)
Indiana University Press
This is the story of the California Battalion and Hundred, a group of 500 select men who were the only organized group of Californians to fight in the East during the Civil War--as the cadre of the Second Massachusetts Cavalry. The Second Massachusetts fought a bloody guerilla war against John S. Mosby, the confederacy's "Gray Ghost," and then went on to battles across Virginia and finally to a stand that blocked Lee's army at Appomattox. This work, based on extensive research, is the first comprehensive history of this relatively unknown group and will be of great interest to Civil War enthusiasts and historians.
The Civil War in Apacheland: Sergeant George Hand's Diary, California, Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas 1861-1864
by Sergeant George Hand and Edited by Neil B. Carmody
Paperback. Published by High Lonesome Books. 1996
The edited diary of a member of the California Volunteers operating against Confederate forces and sympathizers in the Southwest. Insight into what is a forgotten part of the Civil War.
Henry Halleck's War : A Fresh Look at Lincoln's Controversial General-In-Chief
by Curt Anders
Hardcover, Guild Press of Indiana. 1999
A new look at California's Major General Henry Halleck's role in the Civil War.
Halleck : Lincoln's Chief of Staff
By Stephen E. Ambrose
Paperback - 248 pages Reprint edition (April 1996)
Louisiana State University Press
A look at a soldier from California who rose to command the Union Armies during the Civil War

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