Heraldry and Insignia of the California State Military Forces
California Home Guard
Enlisted collar insignia
Home Guard Uniform
(Extracted from the December 22, 1917 issue of the California Home Guard News)
Here's the full and official description of the uniform for members of the California Home Guard, and is the same as that adopted by the Home Guard Companies in
the East:
Dark GRAY Montana Peak Wool Hat with white and green cord.
Service Coat of Dark Gray cotton material, same pattern as that for enlisted men in the regular service, with bronze metal State buttons, bronze collar ornaments. Special design of chevrons for Non-Commissioned Officers.
Service Breeches of same material as the coat, cut same as the regular service breeches, with lace fastening at the bottom.
Canvas Puttee Leggings of Dark Gray, same pattern as those of the regular service. On the front of the HAT, the number of the company in bronze metal.
All officers wear the "black and gold" hat cord-no number on the front of the hat.

Collar ornaments are of bronze metal, with the addition of the bronze metal cross rifles.

Shoulder ornaments are as follows: Colonel, three silver metal diamonds on each shoulder. Lieutenant Colonel, two silver metal diamonds on each shoulder. Major gilt metal diamond on each shoulder. Captain, three silver or gilt metal discs; 1st Lieutenant, two discs, and 2d Lieutenant, one metal disc. All officers wear the regulation U. S. Army leather puttee. The regulation U. S. Army saber and Garrison Web belt are also worn. Leather saber knot. The original colored plate of this uniform as adopted is at the Headquarters of the First Regiment.
Officer Ranks



Second Lieutenant

 First Lieutenant






Lieutenant Colonel

Colonel F.F. Cannon, Commander, 1st Regiment, California Home Guard
Colonel Cannon was a retired National Guard officer who was the Assistant Adjutant General of California
Note the use of Home Guard rank insignia. The letters "CHG" are worn on the collar in lieu of the Federal "U.S." or the National Guard "CAL"

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