California and the First World War
The C.L. Best Tractor Co. Model 75 Tank
Even before being called to Federal service in August of 1917, the California National Guard was training with tracked armored vehicles.
The C.L.Best Tractor Company of San Leandro, a agricultural tractor manufacturer and rival of Stockton's Holt Caterpillar Company, built and demonstrated two prototype tanks based on their Model 75 tractor in 1916
Undated photographs, show one of the tanks training with an infantry unit of the California National Guard, probably the 5th Infantry Regiment (after August 1917, the 159th Infantry Regiment, 40th Division).
One tank was used for recruiting purposes in San Francisco on 4 July 1917.

Two images of California National Guard's 5th Infantry Regiment training with the CLB-75 tank somewhere in the rural rerions of the Bay Area, possibly as a demonstration for the public or Army.
On recruiting duty at San Francisco's Union Square, 4 July 1917. The St. Francis Hotel is in the background.
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