Heraldry of the California National Guard
California Military Departmental Flag and Coast of Arms
The California Military Departmental Flag features the department's coat of arms. The design of the coat of arms and the departmental flag was approved by the Adjutant General of California in 2013
The crest of the coat of arms is that of the California National Guard that was approved by the Office of the Quartermaster General of the United States Army on 13 January 1926. The Grizzly Bear, representing strength is from the flag of California that was designed by an unknown person sometime between 1875 and 1899 and chosen as the emblem of the republic in 1846. The red represents courage . The golden rays symbolize California's nickname of the Golden State in referee to the discovery of gold in 1848. Here is the original artwork:
The shield represents the five components of the California Military Department as follows:
The Basic Shield: The blue shield with the gold and red diagonal stripe is taken from the beret flash of the California State Military Reserve. The colors Blue and Gold are the colors of the State of California while Red and Gold being the national colors of Kingdom of Spain represents the state's colonial military heritage.
The M-1905 Bayonet : Refers to the fighting spirit and readiness to engage the enemy in close combat combat with the bayonet. Used by the California National Guard in World War I and World War II, this represents the California Army National Guard.
Jupitor's Thunderbolt: The thunderbolt portrays striking power through the medium of air. Taken from the coat of arms of the United States Air Force and represents the California Air National Guard.
Poseidon's Trident: Weapon of the Greek god of the seas, the trident represents the California Naval Militia.
Torch of Knowledge: Represents the California Cadet Corps as well as other youth programs.
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