History of California State Military Forces
California National Guard Reserve Order of Battle, 1961

Headquarters, Sacramento
1st Brigade, Los Angeles
1st Battalion, Los Angeles
2d Battalion, Manhatten Beach
3d Battalion, Long Beach
4th Battalion, Apple Valley
5th Battalion, Santa Ana
6th Battalion, Arcadia
7th Battalion, Burbank
8th Battalion, Ontario
9th Battalion, Riveside
10th Battalion, Santa Barbara
11th Battalion, San Diego
12th Battalion, El Centro
13th Battalion, Pasadena
14th Battalion, Bakersfield
15th Battalion, Inglewood
2d Brigade, San Francisco
16th Battalion, Alameda
Company A, Richmond
Company B, San Lorenzo
17th Battalion, San Jose
Company A, San Jose
Company B, Sunnyvale
18th Battalion, Eureka
19th Battalion, Sacramento
20th Battalion, Chico
Company A, Oroville
21st Battalion, Redding
22d Battalion, Modesto
Company A, Columbia
Company B, Oakdale
23d Battalion, Fresno
24th Battalion, Stockton
Company A, Stockton
Company B, Lodi
25th Battalion, Yuba City
Company A, Nevada City
26th Battalion, Monterey
Company A, Salinas
27th Battalion, San Mateo
Company A, Redwood City
Company B, San Bruno
28th Battalion, San Rafael
Company A, Santa Rosa
Company B, Healdsburg
29th Battalion, Vallejo
Company A, Napa
Company B, Concord
30th Battalion, San Francisco
Operational Information Team II, Napa
Operational Information Team III, Chico
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