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California State Fairgrounds
Mexican Border Crisis of 1916 and World War I
he California State Fairgrounds were used as a mobilization camp during both the 1916 Mexican Border Crisis and for World War I.
World War II

The former California State Fairgrounds is located on 155.91 acres situated east of the intersection of Stockton and Broadway, Sacramento, California. The Army leased 154.91 acres from Sacramento County and 1.0 acre from Sacramento City from 1941 to 1943.

The site was known as the Sacramento State Fairgrounds and the California State Fairgrounds. It initially was used as the Sacramento Advanced Communications Zone Depot (later Sacramento Signal Depot) and then as an auxiliary storage area for McClellan Field. The site was under Army control only during the period of the lease. Fairgrounds buildings were used for storage, and $65,000 worth of Army construction was built. All buildings reverted back to the original owners upon the termination of the lease.
Records for this site are not complete. Two forms related to disposal were found: a Control File Summary and Real Property Management and Disposal Report. The Control File Summary is not dated, but lists dated information in the "Remarks" portion. The lease, No. W-04-1 93-Eng-1577, was meant to supersede W-868-Eng-1788 dated 12-24-41 through 6-30-43. The lease of 54.91 acres was terminated in fiscal year 1947. The Real Property Management and Disposal Report dated 15 Nov 1946 lists termination as a Cancellation of Leased Property.

No mention of restoration can be found. The current ownership is comprised of several individual homeowners, the University of California, and the city of Sacramento.
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