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Condor Field No. 4
(Bombing Target No. 70)
On April 17, 1942, the Department of Interior (DOI) withdrew 7,920 acres on behalf of the Defense Plant Corporation (PLANCOR). In 1944, the PLANCOR issued a permit to the Navy to assume custody of the 480-acre parcel located east of Twentynine Palms. At an unknown time, the Navy acquired use of an additional 320 acres of DOI land through indeterminate means. Therefore, the Navy acquired a total of 800 acres at this location.

Prior to the Navy's acquisition and during PLANCOR's control of the site, the Army sponsored a glider pilot and fighter pilot training school at the site, known as Condor Field. The school was operated by Twentynine Palms Air Academy, a contractor to the PLANCOR. It consisted of a main field and three auxiliary fields, one of which was Condor Field No. 4 used by the Army as an emergency landing strip. When the Army no longer had a need to train pilots, the Navy requested custody of Condor Field No. 4. The Navy established the Twentynine Palms Auxiliary Air Station.
Gunnery and bombing ranges were the main mission of this naval establishment. The Navy established a strafing, dive, napalm, skip target (Target #70) at Condor Field No. 4. The only known
military improvements constructed on the site were some targets and related small structures.

In August or October 1946, The Navy cancelled the permit with the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC was the successor to the PLANCOR) governing use of the site for the naval air station. The RFC declared the property surplus in 1946 and turned the site over to the War Assets Administration for disposal. The Condor Field No. 4 property was returned to the Department of Interior in 1948. The property is now the location of the Twentynine Palms Airport and a few homesteads. Remnants of target improvements remain.

Source: US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District
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