Historic California Posts, Camps, Stations and Airfields:
Camp Anderson
(Post near Sacramento City, Post near Sutterville)
Major Julius J. B. Kingsbury with a battalion of the 2nd Infantry Regiment established a post in a swamp south of Sutterville about a dozen miles from Sacramento City, for the purpose of staging in advance to the Bear River to establish Camp Far West. The camp was named for 2nd Lieutenant Charles C. Anderson, 7th New York Volunteers, when had earlier commanded Fort Sacramento (Sutter's Fort) and died at San Francisco. September 13, 1847, from a fever contracted while on detached service at Fort Sacramento. A few days later the camp was moved to the levee next to Sutterville's landing site on the east bank of the Sacramento River, three miles south of Fort Sacramento. Unhappy in California, the major shortly before September 17 turned the command over to Captain Hannibal Day and took an unauthorized leave of absence. On September 22, Captain Day and the battalion abandoned Camp Anderson and marched overland to the Bear River.
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