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Camp Danby
Camp Danby is located approximately 10 miles southwest of Essex, in San Bernardino County, California. It is 1.7 miles, heading southeast, down Danby Rd., off of National Trails Highway.

On September 17, 1943, the Department of Interior issued a use permit, in lieu of a formal directive, that transferred 316.79 acres to the War Department. The War Department also leased 0.22 acres by Lease No. W04-193-ENG-2199 from the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company.

This included 1253 feet of railroad track that was located over the leased area and on public main. Camp Danby was used as a campsite for the Army during General Patton's desert training program. A campsite and railway siding was constructed on site but they are no longer located there.

Camp Danby was declared surplus on March 16, 1944. The Corps of Engineers was to take custody by April 2, 1944. A surplus directive was then issued on August 15, 1944. The land was transferred from the War Department to the Department of Interior, by letter, on February 7, 1945. The Department of Interior revoked the use permit, by letter to the War Department, on April 11, 1945. The lease for the 0.22 acres, Lease No. W04-193-ENG-2199, from the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company was cancelled on June 3, 1944. The structures that were installed by the Army during the time of occupation are no longer at the site. Since use by the Army, a mining company has apparently been at the site.
Army Units Assigned to Camp Danby

 Data Source


 Army of the United States Station List  1 June 1943
Company A (less two platoons).694th Quartermaster Laundry Battalion (AGF)
AAF - Army Air Forces units AGF - Army Ground Forces ASF - Army Service Forces units WDC - Western Defense Command
Source: Los Angeles District, US Army Corps of Engineers
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