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Camp La Mesa
Theater of Operations type barracks at Camp La Mesa
The property was obtained by the Army under authorization dated 10 April 1942 as follows: 4,477.88 acres by lease from 10 separate owners; 38.95 acres by permit from Albert Otto Wallenbom, et al; and 0.303 acres by license from Stuart Haldom and Enid Haldorn. Total acreage acquired was 4,517.133 acres.

The site was used as a training facility during World War II. The Army took control of the water supply and made other improvements in the early 1940's. Over the next five years, the Army built 156 barracks, a theater, and a sewer system for the 140th Infantry Regiment (a Feralized Missouri National Guard unit) stationed at the camp. In 1944-45, the camp was under U.S. Navy jurisdiction and housed the Naval Retraining Command, San Diego for an undetermined period of time.

The property was disposed of as follows: 35.0 lease acres canceled 18 November 1944; 1050.46 lease acres cancelled 24 November 1944; 2257.99 lease acres cancelled 15 March 1945; 38.95 permit acres cancelled 24 November 1944; 0.303 license acre was cancelled 1 January 1945; 706.92 lease acres were transferred to the Navy Department on 15 August 1944; and 427.51 lease acres were transferred to the Navy on 30 August 1944. No records are available for disposal from Navy to present users. Since use by the Navy, the subject site has been heavily developed beneficially for recreational, commercial, residential, educational, and industrial purposes. The site is currently owned by thousands of private owners. Total disposal was 4,517.133 acres.
T-16 Marmon Herrington light tanks at Camp La Mesa
Source: Los Angeles District, US Army Corps of Engineers
Army Units Assigned to Camp La Mesa

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 Army of the United States Station List  1 June 1943
Band (140th Infantry Regiment) (WDC)
140th Infantry Regiment (less Anti-Tank Company) (WDC)
675th Medical Collection Company (WDC)
AAF - Army Air Forces units AGF - Army Ground Forces ASF - Army Service Forces units WDC - Western Defense Command
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