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Camp New Supply
(Old Supply Camp; Scorpion Point Camp; Boyle's Camp; Peninsula Camp)
The first supply depot established for the long protracted Modoc War in 1873, it is historically known as the Old Supply Camp or Scorpion Point Camp to differentiate it from the new depot which soon replaced it nearer the town of Newell, northeast of the eastern edge of today's Lava Beds National Monument, in Modoc County.
The Battle of Scorpion Point took place in the near environs of the camp, about six miles south of Newell (apparently named for Frederick H. Newell, the first chief engineer of the U.S. Reclamation Service).
Camp New Supply, alternately known as Boyle's Camp or Peninsula Camp, was established by Major William H. Boyle, one of General E. R. S. Canby's battalion commanders during the war against Captain Jack and his Modocs, after the Indians fled into the Lava Beds. Major Boyle suffered a thigh wound and did not finish the campaign. Late in the campaign the supply base served as a prisoner of war camp.
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