Historic California Posts, Camps, Stations and Airfields
Camp Sequoia National Park
(Camp Mineral King)
The Sequoia and General Grant National Parks were occupied intermittently by troops, almost invariably cavalry, assigned from 1891 to 1913 to patrol the national parks and guard against depredations. The commanding officer was also acting superintendent of the parks. The first encampment was by Company K, 4th Cavalry, in obedience to Special Orders No. 30, Department of California. April 6, 1898. The various camps were known as Camp at the Summit, Camp Three Rivers, Camp Mineral King, Camp Big Red Hill, Camp Davenport's Place, Camp Washburn's Ranch, Camp General Grant Park, Camp Red Hill, Camp Millwood, Camp Giant Forest, Camp Weishan's Hill, Camp Wishes Hill, Camp Old Colony Mill, Camp Kaweah, and Camp Sequoia. The most usual names were those of the nearest post offices - Three Rivers, Millwood, Kaweah, and Sequoia. The troops of Troop C, 1st Cavalry, were the last recalled from the park by Special Orders No. 159, Western Department, August 26, 1913. The last acting superintendent and commanding officer was the late Hugh S. Johnson, then a 1st Lieutenant in the 1st Cavalry Regiment.

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