The Mexican War and California
The Battle of Dominguez Rancho

The Battle of Dominguez Rancho was a military engagement of the Mexican-American War. It occurred 7 October 1846.

The Battle of Dominguez Ranch took place on October 8th and 9th, in 1846, during the U.S.-Mexican War, when a small handful of California troops, led by Jose Antonio Carrillo, successfully held off the invasion of La Pueblo de Los Angeles by American Marines, under the command of U.S. Navy Captain William Mervine. During the skirmish, 14 US Marines were killed. The Californios suffered no casualties.

Further, by running horses across the dusty hills of Carson, and dragging a single small cannon to various sites, Carrillo and his troops fooled the Americans into believing that they had encountered a large enemy force, and forced them to temporarily withdraw.

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