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Harbor Defenses of California
Miwoks to Missiles: A History of Angel Island
by John Soennichsen
Angel Island Association, 2001
This first complete history of Angel Island covers more than two hundred years of the island's complex and fascinating historic past, including Miwok Indians, Spanish explorers, U.S. Army occupation during the Civil War and World Wars I and II, the Immigration Station and a Nike Missile base during the Cold War.
Fortress Alcatraz: Guardian of the Golden Gate
by John A. Martini
Paperback. Published by Pacific Monograph. 1991
The story of the "rock" before it became a prison.
Artillery at the Golden Gate : The Harbor Defenses of San Francisco in World War II
by Brian B. Chin
Paperback. Pictorial Histories Publishing Company; 1994
Seacoast Fortifications of the United States: An Introductory History
by Emmanual R. Lewis
Paperback. Published by the United States Naval Institute. 1993
THE book on seacoast fortification in the U.S. This is the only book which attempts to provide an overview of the history of seacoast fortification in the U.S. Although general in nature, it is a superb reference in regard to the evolution of coastal fortification. It contains many excellent photographs of representative fortifications. A must have for those interested in military fortifications, particularly those of the U.S.

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