California Militia and National Guard Unit Histories
Post World War I Deferred or Inactive Units of the California National Guard
After World War I, several units were allotted to the California National Guard that were expected to be filled by returning veterans of that war. Over the years, many of these units were eventually activated and manned, particularly in the 40th Infantry Division, However many were not. Here is a list of units authorized after the “Great War” but never manned. These units are referred to as Deferred National Guard or National Guard Inactive units. Deferred National Guard units were often reallocated and activated in the Organized Reserves (now the US Army Reserve).
Assigned to IX Corps Special Troops:
Assigned to IX Corps Artillery:
Assigned to IX Corps Air Service:
Note: Since the Army’s Balloon School was located at Camp Ross (or Ross Field) in Arcadia, it can be assumed that this unit would have been placed there.
Assigned to IX Corps Medical Headquarters
Assigned to 40th Division

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Updated 8 February 2016