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Hopkins Well
The site is assumed to have been used by the Department of Defense as a water supply source during operation of the California-Arizona Maneuver Area/ (CAMA)/Desert Training Center (DTC) during World War II. The well and concrete structure are located on lands owned and maintained by the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Review of historical real estate information for Township 6 South, Range 19 East at the California Desert District Office of the BLM in Riverside, California did not reveal prior ownership of any lands in this area by the War Department.

The lands contained in the subject township and range were declared part of the Department of the Interior's Desert Conservation Area on 21 October 1976. Review of the current Riverside County Assessor's records and maps and historical information at the BLM's California Desert District Office in Riverside, California verified that the site is currently owned and maintained by the Department of the Interior.

The well was located approximately 0.2 miles west of a small shed housing monitoring equipment for the gasoline pipeline. The well was located approximately 500 feet north of the maintenance road at this point. The well was located inside a concrete cinder block structure measuring six feet long by four feet wide by four feet deep. The entire concrete structure was covered by a metal plate. Lifting the metal revealed the well. The six-inch diameter well was constructed of steel casing and was filled in with concrete. The base of the enclosed area consisted of natural soils.

A small diameter metal pipe was located one foot from the bottom of the inside northern wall of the concrete encasement. The pipe extended through the concrete structure below ground level. An uncapped 0.5-inch diameter PVC pipe with 18-inch stick-up was located outside the northern wall of the concrete encasement.
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Source: Los Angeles District, US Army Corps of Engineers
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