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Kirkland Yard
San Francisco Port of Embarkation

Between 3 June and 14 July 1942 the War Department acquired 12.26 acres of land, including portions of San Francisco City streets for the establishment of a railcar classification and storage yard that supported activities of the San Francisco Port of Embarkation. It primarily supported the docks located between the San Francisco Ferry Building and the Golden Gate Ferry docks.

Documentation indicated that this was a storage and classification site in which railcars were sorted and stored until they were moved to the piers or other rail terminals. There were no maintenance facilities for engines. Other than rails and switching equipment, the only structures built were two small offices, a tool shed, and a latrine. These were wood frame buildings that were heated by natural gas provided by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).

With the end of World War II, the need for the yard ceased and accountability was assumed by the War Assets Administration (WAA) on 15 September 1946. On 9 April 1947, the WAA issued a contract for the removal of all railroad track, ballast, and equipment. All structures were also removed. Between 1 July and 17 October 1947, the Site was quitclaimed to the City and County of San Francisco, PG&E, and several private individuals.

 Building Number

 Facility Name or Function

 Building Type

 Current Conditions
 A/T-711  Identification Office  Wood Framed 10'4"x18'4"  Removed
 B  Office  Wood Framed 10'x13'  Removed
 C  Tool Shed  Wood Framed 9'x12`  Removed
 D/T-712  Toilet  Wood Framed 7'x10'  Removed



The site was redeveloped into commercial and industrial property and currently is the home of several light industrial and commercial properties as well as a bus yard for the City and County of San Francisco.
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