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Los Angeles District Engineer Office and Yard

SITE NAME: Los Angeles District Engineer (LADE) Office and Yard.

LOCATION: The former LADE Office and Yard is located approximately six (6) miles west-northwest of central San Diego, California. (see location map below)

SITE HISTORY: The site originally consisted of 3.16 acres. On July 10, 1945, 3.06 acres were acquired from the U.S. Government San Diego River Dike Lands Project by teletype permit. Four (4) permits covered acquisition of a sewer line right-of-way totalling 0.10 acres. The site was used as a storage yard and offices by the Los Angeles District Army Corps of Engineers. A paved storage yard, five (5) buildings and a chain link fence were recorded in real estate files at the Los Angeles District, Army Corps of Engineers, as occupying the site. No disposal records are available on the building or facilities. The site was released by the Department of the Army and transferred to the Department of the Navy in a letter dated January 8, 1954.

Subsequently, on April 13, 1959, the Department of the Navy transferred the property by quitclaim to the City of San Diego, as part of a 8.06 acre release. Today the site is controlled by the City of San Diego Housing Authority and leased to S. K. Management (now Pacific Commercial Management). The site is occupied by a 220 unit apartment complex which was constructed in

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