Lineages and Honors of the California National Guard
40th Armored Brigade
Headquarters and Headquarters Company
Constituted 18 July 1917 as Headquarters, 40th Division and allotted to the California National Guard
Organized and drafted into Federal service 25 August 1917 at Camp Kearny, California
Demobilized 20 April 1919 at Camp Kearny, California
Reconstituted in the California National Guard, reorganized, and Federally recognized 18 June 1926 at Berkeley
Location changed 1 October 1937 to Los Angeles
Inducted into Federal service 3 March 1941 at Los Angeles
Reorganized and redesignated 18 February 1942 as Headquarters, 40th Infantry Division
Inactivated 7 April 1946 at Camp Stoneman, California
Reorganized and Federally recognized 14 October 1946 at Los Angeles
Ordered into active Federal service 1 September 1950 at Los Angeles (Headquarters, 40th Infantry Division (NGUS) organized and Federally recognized 2 September 1952 at Los Angeles)
Released from active Federal service 30 June 1954 and reverted to state control; Federal recognition concurrently withdrawn from Headquarters, 40th Infantry Division (NGUS)
Converted, reorganized, and redesignated 1 July 1954 as Headquarters, 40th Armored Division
Reorganized and redesignated 29 January 1968 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 40th Armored Brigade

Campaign Participation Credit

World War I
Streamer without inscription
World War II
Bismarck Archipelago
Luzon (with arrowhead)
Southern Philippines
Korean War
Second Korean winter
Korea, summer-fall 1952
Third Korean winter
Korea, summer 1953
Philippine Presidential Unit Citation, Streamer embroidered 17 OCTOBER 1944 TO 4 JULY 1945
Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, Streamer embroidered KOREA 1952 - 1954

By Order of the Secretary of the Army:

Major General, USA
The Adjutant General

14 August 1968

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