Ships of the California Naval Militia
USS Monadnock
Off the Mare Island Navy Yard, CA, June 1898, ready for her voyage to the Philippines. The old monitor USS Camanche (1864-1899) is visible beyond Monadnock's after turret. (Photograph courtesy of the US Navy Historical Center)
USS Monadnock, a 3990-ton monitor, was built over a 22-year period at Vallejo and Mare Island, California, finally commissioning in February 1896. During the next two years, she served with the Pacific Squadron in the U.S. west coast area. In June 1898, she departed San Francisco on a two-month voyage to the Philippines, where she was needed to provide heavy-gun support following Admiral Dewey's victory at Manila Bay.
Monadnock remained in the Far East to the end of her career, serving in Philippine and Chinese waters. She decommissioned for the last time in March 1919 and was sold in August 1923.
Amphitrite Class Monitor
 Laid Down 1874
19 September 1883
 Commissioned  20 February 1896
 Builder  Phineas Burgess at the Continental Iron Works, Vallejo, Calif., and Mare Island Navy Yard, San Francisco, Calif.
 Rig  One military mast
  Four 10 inch (254 mm) breechloading guns
Two 4 inch (100 mm) rapid fire guns
Two 6 pounder (57 mm) rapid fire guns
Two 3 pounder (47 mm) rapid fire guns
Two 37 mm Hocthkiss guns
Seven one pounder gun
One Colt revolving guns
 Length  262 feet, 9 inches
 Beam  55 feet, 10 inches
 Draft  14 feet, 6 inches
 Displacement  3,990 tons
 Complement  171 Officers and Enlisted Men
 Engine Type  Two engines generating 1,600 hp., 2 screws
 Speed  11.63 knots on trials
 Coal endurance  1800 nautical miles at 10 knots
 Normal coal supply  250 tons
 Armor  Armor belt - 180 mm, iron..
Conning Tower - 190 mm
Chimneys and ventilators - 100 mm to height of .9 m
Deck - 40 mm
Turrets - 292 mm (fixed portion) and 190 mm (movable portion)
Double bottom under boilers and engines.

In drydock at Mare Island
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