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Mount Campbell Rifle Range
Mt Campbell Rifle Range during World War II
On 1 June 1943, the War Department leased the land that composed the Mt. Campbell Rifle Range.
During the WWII period, troops fired from 100, 300, and 500 yard firing points. These weapons included the M1903 Springfield Rifle, M1 Garand Rifle, and the M1 Carbine, and the .45 caliber pistol. Using units included the Western Signal Aviation Unit Training Center at Camp Pinedale, Hammer Field and the Army Air Forces Ground Training Center at the Fresno County Fairgrounds. Site improvements included a target area consisting of an earth mound supported by a concrete retaining wall and a target house next to the wall. After World War II, members of the California National Guard's 185th Infantry Regiment used the range for weekend training. Other organizations such as the Army, Marine Corps and Air Force Reserve, other units of the California National Guard, and perhaps even local civilian law enforcement used the range.

The lease on the range was terminated in 1978.

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