Historic California Posts, Camps, Stations and Airfields
Naval Industrial Reserve Plant, San Francisco
US Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District History (1993)

On 04 December 1942, a total of 0.53 fee acres were acquired to establish the Naval Industrial Reserve Plant (NIRP), San Francisco.

The site was formerly the General Engineering and Dry Dock Company. The lessee of the government-owned property was the Lyco Machine Works, Inc. Improvements to the site included oil tanks, steam plants, painting sheds, and a boiler house.

On 25 September 1959, the 0.53 acre site was turned over to the General Services Administration. Current owner of tbe disposed area is Blue Jeans Equities West, and the site is currently part of the Levi Strauss, Inc. Corporate Headquarters complex known as Levis Plaza.


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