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Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant, Torrance
(Torrance Aluminum Plant)
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1999)

Name: Torrance Aluminum Plant; also Plancor 226-LA; Aluminum Company of America Plant; Alcoa Plant; Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant, DOD 450; and Douglas Aircraft Company, C6 Facility.
Location: The site is located in the Harbor Gateway District of the City of Los Angeles, at the southwest corner of the 190th Street and Normandie Avenue intersection. The property is adjacent to the City of Torrance and has a Torrance address.

Site History:
The Navy acquired 170.77 acres and an aluminum reduction plant from Columbia Steel Company in March 1952. The subject property was originally acquired by the Defense Plant Corporation (Plancor) in 1941. Plancor constructed the Torrance Aluminum Plant (Plancor LA-226) on the site in 1942 which was operated by the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA). Plancor sold the site to Columbia Steel Company in 1948. Columbia Steel Company was unable to use the plant as anticipated, and in 1952 sold it to the Navy.
Under Navy ownership the facility became the Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant which was leased to Douglas Aircraft Company (Douglas). Douglas converted and modernized the plant, and installed machine tools and equipment to manufacture aircraft components, and military hardware. In 1970, General Services Administration, serving as agent to the Navy, sold the 170.77-acre site to Douglas. Douglas, which later became McDonnell Douglas Corporation, used all facilities beneficially and continued to manufacture commercial and military aircraft components until 1992.

Improvements currently existing on the site that were present during possession by the Navy include six primary buildings. McDonnell Douglas Corporation through the McDonnell Douglas Realty Company began a phased demolition and redevelopment of the site in 1996. On 1 August 1997, McDonnell Douglas Realty Company became a subsidiary of The Boeing Company and is now known as the Boeing Realty Corporation.

Facilities on 98 acres of the site have been demolished as of September 1998.

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