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Naval Outlying Field, Concord
A 1943 photo of an F6F Hellcat at OLF Concord, by Bill Larkins. "This F6F (BuNo 40198) was there one day in October 1943 when I was home on leave and hung out in the weeds with my Graflex. Other planes there that day were a Cessna JRC-1, North Amnerican SNJ-4, Beech SNB-1, Beech SNB-2C, Douglas SBD-5 and a Grumman F4F-3."
This former military airfield was located on the southern edge of the Concord Naval Weapons Station. Bill Larkins recalled, "Alameda operated the Outlying Field Concord for practice takeoffs & landings."
The date of construction of the Concord airfield is unknown.The earliest depiction of it which has been located is the above photo from 1943.
A 1944 USN aerial view looking southwest at OLF Concord (courtesy of Bill Larkins).
By the time of the 1946 Sectional Chart the Concord Navy Airfield was still depicted, but its depiction on the chart had been downgraded to that of an auxiliary airfield.
The date of closure of the Concord NWS airfield is unknown. It was evidently closed at some point between 1946-49, as it was not depicted as an active airfield on aeronautical charts from 1949, 1955, 1956, 1957, or 1966.
The airfield was depicted on the 1959 USGS topo map, but it was not labeled, which presumably means it was no longer an active airfield at that point. The Concord airfield was depicted as having two paved runways (the largest was 3,300' long), taxiways, and a ramp.
The Concord Naval Weapons Station itself was placed in a "reduced operation status" in 1999. The station is presently surrounded by dense residential development.
Jonathan Westerling visited the Concord NWS airfield in 2003. His report: "The trees at the ends of the runways at the Concord Naval Weapons Station have grown to well over 35' high. Even though it has been inactive for a long time, the field itself is still very much in evidence, and fresh yellow X's have been painted on the asphalt runways. The east/west runway is in better condition than the north/south runway which is mostly overgrown. Near the runway intersection, a Naval housing complex 'Victory Village' was constructed, though the buildings are almost completely empty. No other present day reuse of the airfield is evident, though the property is completely fenced off. The runways can be easily seen from East Olivera Rd."
As seen in the February 2004 USGS aerial photo, the majority of the primary (east/west) runway & parking ramp still existed, but a residential development had been built over a northern portion of the north/south runway.
Copied from Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields: California with the permission of Paul Freeman
Extract, US Army Air Forces Directory of Airfields (January 1945)
Douglas SBD-5 landing at OLF Concord (Outlying Field) in 1944 showing the dive brakes. (Bill Larkins)


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