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Naval Outlying Field, Miramar
(Linda Vista Mesa Auxiliary Field, Hourglass Field)
In 1941 the Navy acquired 170.88 acres by condemnation from the San Diego County Water Agency. In 1942, the Navy acquired 43.11 acres by condemnation from a private entity. The total
acquisition was 213.99 acres.
This airfield should not be confused with NAS/NAAS/MCAS Miramar

The Navy built and used this site as an auxiliary airfield and emergency landing strip for NAS Miramar. Practice bombing was also conducted at this airfield using practice bombs equipped
with spotting charges. The property was also used for storing surplus buildings for an unknown amount of time. The only known improvements made on the property consisted of an asphalt surface of approximately 65 acres and some fencing.
There was also a bombing target immediately adjacent to the to the north of the field.

The Navy retained the property until 2.9 August 1961 when 170.88 acres were quitclaimed to the San Diego School District.In 1962, the remaining 43.11 acres were auctioned off to a private developer who built two mobilehome parks, which still remain. The school district has built a middle school, elementary school, and a junior college.
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