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Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey
The U.S. Naval Postgraduate School is located on the grounds of the old Hotel Del Monte within the city of Monterey. The elegant old hotel opened in 1880 and in 1942 was leased to the Navy with an option to buy. The Navy used it as a pre-flight training school for Naval air cadets throughout the war. A curriculum of marine engineering was also added during the war. After the war the Navy bought the hotel and its 600 acres of land and enlarged the school. In 1951 the Naval Academy's postgraduate school moved here from Annapolis, MD. In the postwar years the school ranked academically with the best graduate universities in the country. Some 80% of the Navy's postgraduate students attended the school.
by Justin Ruhge
The Naval Postgraduate School is located at Monterey. Originally established in Annapolis, MD. on June 9, 1909, the school was moved to the spacious grounds of the former Hotel del Monte in 1951. The Hotel Del Monte opened in 1880 and over the years earned a worldwide reputation for elegance. In late 1942, the hotel was offered to both the Army and Navy. The Navy accepted the Del Monte's offer and opened a preflight school on the grounds in February 1943. Following World War II Congress authorized the purchase of the hotel and 600 acres of the grounds for just under $13 million.

Many new laboratories have been added since then to accommodate the ever-changing curriculum. More than 50,000 academic degrees from bachelor to doctorate have been awarded since 1945 when Congress first authorized the school to grant them. There were then 3,400 officers at the post-graduate school.
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