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Naval Regional Medical Center, Long Beach
(Naval Hospital, Long Beach)
This hospital should not be confused for the World War II Naval Hospital, Long Beach
Command History

In April 1964. construction commenced on a Naval Hospital to serve members of the military community living in the Long BeachILos Angeles area. Located on a 65-acre tract, Naval Hospital, Long Beach was officially commissioned in February 1967. Initially. the hospital was a five-floor structure with a capacity of 350 beds. During the Vietnam conflict the hospital, along with its support facilities, Naval Station dispensary and Hospital Ship USNS REPOSE, served as a primary debarkation point for personnel returning to the continental United States via air medical evacuation.

In July 1972. ground was broken and construction commenced on an additional nursing wing with a capacity of 220 beds, a comprehensive outpatient care area and an administrative wing. Construction was completed in September 1973 and clinics were permanently established.

In November 1974, the outpatient pavilion and nursing wing were officially dedicated. The new inpatient tower included additional administrative and logistics support spaces in the first floor basement, a male orthopedic and general surgery ward on the second floor. the obstetric and gynecology sen'ices on the third floor including a newborn nursery and the alcohol rehabilitation service with 65 beds on the fourth floor.

In July 1972, Naval Hospital, Long Beach was redesignated as Naval Regional Medical Center, Long Beach and functioned as such until 26 April 1983 when it was again redesignated as a Naval Hospital.

The Naval Hospital, Branch Medical Clinic Annex, Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach provides sick call and occupational health services to approximately 1,200 Civil Service and 200 military personnel.

TIle Naval Hospital, Branch Medical Clinic Annex, Naval Warfare Assessment Center, Corona provides occupational health services to eligible personnel assigned to the station.

The NAVCARE Clinic Tustin provides outpatient services to all eligible military beneficiaries, both active duty and retired personnel and dependents. Responsibility transferred to Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton on I October 1991.

The Naval Hospital, Branch Medical Clinic, Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake provides care to eligible beneficiaries. Responsibility transferred to Naval Medical Clinic, Port Hueneme in the fall of 1993.

During its last year of full service, Naval Hospital, Long Beach supported a population of approximately 250,000 eligible beneficiaries and was the only Navy medical treatment facility between Camp Pendleton, 75 miles to the south and Fort Ord, 300 miles to the north.

As this Naval Hospital ends a distinguished era of service to the fleet and surrounding communities, its credo of "STANDING BY TO ASSIST" has been passed to Naval Medical Clinic, Terminal Island. Opened in 1988, the clinic provides comprehensive occupational health sen'ices to shipyard workers. military sick call, medical support to fleet and shore based naval personnel at the Terminal Island complex.
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1999)

The Naval Hospital, Long Beach (Carson Street) consisted of two parcels occupying a total of 65.2 acres in the city of Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California. The Department of the Navy purchased Parcel A (30.5 acres) in April 1964 from the City of Long Beach for the construction of the main hospital building. Subsequently, Parcel B (34.7 acres) was conveyed by the city of Long Beach to the Department of the Navy in March 1968 for the construction of additional facilities to support the hospital.

2. Naval Hospital, Long Beach was operated from February 1967 through March 1994. The hospital was used by the U.S. Navy to treat injured military personnel. The hospital officially ceased
operating in March 1994.

3. The DoD disposed of the entire property (65.2 acres) during 1994 and 1995. Parcel A (30.5 acres) was transferred from the Department of the Navy to Southwest Division, Naval Facilities
Engineering Command when the property became excess. Southwest Division sold the property directly to Vestar Development Company. Ownership of Parcel B (34.7 acres) reverted to the
former owner in accordance with the grant deed. Once hospitalrelated activities ceased, the City of Long Beach again became the owner of Parcel B. This transfer took place by Quitclaim
Deed in October 1995. All hospital-related structures subsequently were removed, and the property presently is occupied by a large shopping center (the Long Beach Town Center).


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