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Naval Direction Finder Station, San Pedro
Point Fermin Lighthouse today.
US Army Corps of Engineer Los Angeles District History (1999)
The U.S. Navy (USN) acquired 3.0 acres by lease on 18 May 1920 from the Lighthouse Bureau, Department of Commerce. The USN may have had use of the site starting in 1919. Records were neither complete nor specific.

The USN used the site to operate a radio direction finder. Improvements constructed or used by the USN included a radio direction finder building, a radio direction finder transmitter powerhouse, a paint storage locker, three antenna masts, and possibly a garage, and a galley/mess hall building. The Army used two small areas of the site (approximately 42 square feet each) by unknown means, incidental to USN occupation for the placement of two range finders.

In 1948 the City of Los Angeles assumed control of the northern portion of the site now known as Point Fermin Lighthouse Park. It is likely that the 3.0-acre lease was terminated and the USN vacated the property at that time. Control of the southern portion of the property reverted to the U.S. Coast Guard. (The Lighthouse Bureau was consolidated with the Coast Guard in 1939.) Records were neither complete nor specific. The site is currently owned by the City of Los Angeles and the U.S. Coast Guard. City property is used for Point Fermin Lighthouse Park. Coast Guard property is used for an automatic light beacon and a guest house. Two remaining USN improvements are used beneficially. The Los Angeles Police Department uses the former radio direction finder transmitter power house for radio transmitter/receiver equipment. The concrete foundation of the former radio direction finder building supports a small wooden shed which is used by the Los Angeles County Lifeguard. No other USN improvements are known to remain on the site.
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