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Needles Divisional Camp
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (22 September 1999)
Acquisitions for the site by the War Department were as follows:
Total acquisition was 79,366.59 acres. This total includes 776.84 acres of airport property located within the site that were investigated in 1994 under separate DERP-FUDS site number J09CA007100, which results in an adjusted acreage of 78,589.75 acres. An additional 32,628 acres adjacent to the western boundary of the site were determined by an Archives Search Report (ASR) investigation to have been part of this site. Therefore, the corrected total site acreage is 111,2~7.75 acres.

The site was utilized by the War Department (Army) as a divisional camp and maneuver area during World War II troop training exercises. Improvements included 14 showers, 29 latrines, 62 administration buildings, and one miscellaneous building.

Disposals were as follows:
The majority of the site (63.211.59 acres) is currently owned by the Department of the Interior and under the control of the Bureau of Land Management. The remaining land is mainly within the City of Needles and is currently held by numerous private owners and state, county, and local governments. Total disposal was 79,366.59 acres (less 776.84 acres of airport property). An additional 32,628 acres were considered disposed as part of the California-Arizona Maneuver Area dedudding program. Inclusion of
this area in the site gives a total of 111,217.75 acres disposed.

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