Historic California Militia and National Guard Units
Placerville City Guard
Placerville City Guard on parade sometine during the Civil War. (Public Domain)
Organizational Data
Military Unit Designation:
Date of Organization: August 24, 1863
Date of Disbanding:
March 19, 1880
Inclusive dates of units papers:
Geographical Location or Locations: Placerville,
El Dorado County

Unit papers on file at the California State Archives:

a. Organization Papers 2 documents (1863)
b. Bonds 1 document (1864)
c. Correspondence (Unclassified letters) 23 documents (1863-1881)
d. Election Returns 7 documents (1864-1879)
e. Exempt Certificates, Applications for none
f. Muster Rolls, Monthly returns 45 documents (1863-1880)
g. Oaths Qualifications 126 documents (1865-1880)
h. Orders none
i. Receipts, invoices 11 documents (1863-1880)
j. Requisitions 3 documents (1863-1879)
k. Resignations 4 documents (1863-1872)
l. Target Practice Reports 7 documents (1871-1880)
m. Other Public Property, 1 document (1871)
Report of Inspection, 1 document (1880)

Extract from and link to Official History
"The company was reorganized July 23, 1866 and on that date, it was "designated as Company B, Placerville City Guard, Fourth Infantry Regiment, National Guard of California.Pursuant to Special Order No. 7 in 1872, it was transferred to the Fourth Infantry Regiment, Fourth Brigade as Company D on March 31, 1877, per Special Order No. 5, the Company was transferred to Company D 1st Battalion of Infantry. By an Act of the Legislature of 1880, this company was attached to the First Artillery Regiment, Fourth Brigade as Company D..." Outline History of the California National Guard, Vol. 2, #209.


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