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Miwoks to Missiles: A History of Angel Island
by John Soennichsen
Angel Island Association, 2001
This first complete history of Angel Island covers more than two hundred years of the island's complex and fascinating historic past, including Miwok Indians, Spanish explorers, U.S. Army occupation during the Civil War and World Wars I and II, the Immigration Station and a Nike Missile base during the Cold War.
Benica, Portrait of an Early California Town: An Architectural History
by Robert Bruegmann
Soft Cover . Published by 101 Production 1980
A very good book showing the history of the military in Benicia
Presidio Gateways: Views of a National Landmark at San Francisco's Golden Gate
by Delphine Hirasuna and Roger G. Kennedy
Hardcover. Published by Chronicle Books. 1995
A "art" book showing the architecture of the Presidio of San Francisco
United States Naval Air Stations of World War II : Western States
by M. L. Shettle, Jr.
Hardcover. Motorbooks International; 1997
Excellent book for former Naval Aviators. If you were a naval aviator, this book will bring the back memories that dwell in the shadows of your mind. Naval Aviation history is very quickly disappearing. All you have to do is to take a trip to Davis Montham AFB, Tucson, AZ (often called the bone yard) if you want to see how much of it that has already been retired. I was a "Cold War Pilot" who trained and flew out of many of these navy fields in T-34Bs, T-28s, TS2As, SP2Hs and P3Bs. These two books will preserve a small part of our heritage as Naval Aviators of the by gone eras of WWII, Korea, Viet Nam and the cold war. Thank you Mr. Shettle for taking the time, effort and expense to write and assemble these two magnificant volumes. They are a superb doucmentation of Naval Air shore facilities. customer.
Forts of the West : Military Forts and Presidios and Posts Commonly Called Forts West of the Mississippi River to 1898.
by Robert W. Frazer
Paperback, University of Oklahoma Press. 1977
TOTALLY NECESSARY FOR WESTERN STUDIES. This book names the forts, presidios, and posts west of the Mississippi River to 1898, and not only does the author give the location but he gives some historical facts. If I had the money, I would take this book, get me a good travel map and visit each of the places mentioned! Last month I went to several Texas forts, an old Presidio and an Arizona fort. The book was invaluable! customer.

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