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Ramona Bombing Target
(Naval Outlying Field Ramona, Ramona Emergency Landing Field)
US Army Corps of Engineers St. Louis District History (1998)

On 15 October 1943, the Eleventh Naval District leased 155.7 acres to establish the Ramona Bombing Target for use by the Naval Air Center (NAC) San Diego. The Interdepartmental Air Traffic Control Board (IATCB) approved of the use of the site on 16 December that year. Presumably, the Eleventh Naval District began using the Ramona Bombing Target shortly thereafter. Although the target was assigned to NAC San Diego, it could “permit another unit to use such target.” Therefore it is possible that other Naval or Marine Corps aviation facilities in the Eleventh Naval District used the site.

Eleventh Naval District fighter-bombers used the Ramona Bombing Target for dive bombing training. The site was set up as a practice bomb target with concentric circles simulating a
destroyer deck. The target’s center had coordinates of 33° 02’ 00” Latitude and 116° 54’ 48” Longitude. The IATCB rescinded the Danger Area for the Dive Bombing Target at Ramona on 6
September 1944, in order for the Navy to construct a landing strip at that location.

After acquiring the required additional property, the Navy built one airmaft runway and a hangar building and the airstrip became the Ramona Emergency Landing Field. On 26 February 1947, San Diego County took possessiono f the airstrip and its facilities under lease NOy(R)-43693 with the Navy. When the lease expired, the county received a Revocable Permit on 27 February 1952. On 14 August 1956, the field was reported as excess to the General Services Administration. San Diego County received the property by Quitclaim Deed dated 28 December 1956, recording it on 9 May 1957. The property continues to operate as a civilian airport.
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1994)
A total of 326.54 acres of land were acquired by the Navy Department for the Ramona Bombing Target and Landing Strip. The property was obtained by the US Navy through a Declaration of Taking prior to 20 December 1944. The acquired property comprised of four parcels. They were obtained from private parties as follows:
The property was used by the Department of the Navy as both a bombing target and landing strip. Improvements made to the property during Navy occupation include one small "civilian-type" plane hanger and one asphaltic-concrete (AC) runway, 250 feet wide by 4,000 feet long. Use of the property by the Navy during World War II is indicated. Post Horld War II use of the property is not clear from the documentation.

On 6 August 1956, the property was declared excess by the Department of the Navy. Ownership of the property was transferred to the County of San Diego on 28 December 1956. At the time of disposal, the existing improvements were also transferred over to the County of San Diego. Currently, the majority of the original acreage (281.62 acres) of the former Navy property is owned by the County of San Diego. The southernmost portion of Parcels 1(23.22 acres) and 2 (21.70 acres) is now owned by the William J. Casney Trust. The property is either maintained as a municipal airport or is undeveloped.
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