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Rancho del Chino Post
A post was established on September 14, 1850, at Rancho de Chino, located near the Santa Ana River in the environs of the town of Chino, San Bernardino County about 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The garrison. one company of the 2nd Infantry occupied a leased ranch building at a monthly cost of $300. The post was intended to protect the general area from Garra Indian depredations and, particularly, to prevent their incursions via Cajon Pass. In the past, some historians report that the post was first garrisoned by the 1st Dragoons, an obvious factual error since the official report dated June 29, 1852, by the commander of the Pacific Division, specifies that the post was established by Captain C. S. Sovell, with Company A, 2nd Infantry who was in continuous command until the abandonment of the post.
In addition to the regular troop garrison, the ranch was the rendevous for 35 volunteers from Los Angeles and 15 from San Bernardino, who were mustered by General Bean of the California Militia to help put down the Garra uprising. Garra himself was finally captured, taken to San Diego, tried before a court martial, convicted, and executed. A son of Garra and another Indian were later convicted in a court martial for the murders of four Americans at Warner's Ranch along with other crimes and they were shot at Chino in the latter part of December 1852. On September 17, 1852, the post was abandoned and the garrison transferred to the Robidoux Rancho on the Jurupa grant (Post of Rancho del Jurupa).


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