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Reservation Point Military Reservation
(Naval Operating Base Terminal Island, Naval Disciplinary Barracks Terminal Island, Coast Guard Base Los Angeles-Long Beach)
Coast Guard Cutter 442 at Coast Guard Base Long Beach, 1 July 1937
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angelest District History (1994)
The War Department acquired 64.28 acres known as Reservation Point, by quitclaim deed dated 6 September 1927, incidental to dredging and reclaiming activities. These acres were then distributed to different military and non-military agencies. On 2 February 1941, 20.45 acres were transferred to the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps. On 17 June 1942, 14.92 acres (of the 20.45 acres) were retransferred to the Department of the Navy (Coast Guard). 27.89 acres were "commissioned" to the Navy from 1944 to 1950. This acreage contained a prison facility known as Federal Correctional Institute (FCI), operated by the Department of Justice. The U.S. Army obtained 1.43 acres by Use Permit, dated 9 October 1943, 0.06 acres by Use Permit, dated 15 November 1943, and a Use Permit dated 6 October 1944 for 0.08 acres. 14.37 acres remained with the War Department.

Historical real estate documents indicate that the abovementioned 20.45 acres was acquired by the Quartermaster Corps for use as "storage facilities." No improvements are known to have been installed by the. Quartermaster Corps, with the possible exception of hard surfacing. The Navy subsequently acquired part of this property for use as a Coast Guard facility. It is likely that the Navy made improvements at the Coast Guard facility, however, what these improvements may have been is not known. An FCI, Department of Justice brochure indicated that during World War II, the Navy used the prison facilities as disciplinary barracks. The only improvements known to have been installed as a result of this use are two monuments currently located at the entrance to the Coast Guard Base. Improvements on 0.06 acre consisted of barracks. Improvements on 0.08 acre consisted of an underground cable.

Between 1930 and 1941, approximately 43.95 acres, of the original 64.28 acre Reservation Point, were transferred to other non-military branches of the government. The 14.92 acres of the above-mentioned 20.45 acres acquired by the Navy for a Coast Guard facility remains as such. Property occupied by the Coast Guard ceased to be under the jurisdiction of the Navy on 28 December 1945. The remainder of the 20.45 acres were transferred as follows:
A difference of 0.12 acre, between property acquired (64.28 acres) and property disposed (64.40 acres), has not been accounted for, however, it is believed that the discrepancy may be the result of survey and/or record keeping differences. Currently, Reservation Point is occupied by the US Coast Guard Support Center, FCI Terminal Island (Department of Justice), and an Immigration and Naturalization Service Detention Center (Department of Justice).
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1993)
Location: Reservation Point consists of a peninsula located in the East San Pedro area of the City of Los Angeles, on the southern end of Terminal Island, California.

Site History: In 1927, the War Department acquired 64.28 acres, known as Reservation Point, from the City of Los Angeles by quitclaim deed. This acreage was acquired incidental to dredging and reclaiming activities, and, for the most part, was transferred to other branches of the government between 1930 to 1941, with the condition that the southern most 300 feet of Reservation Point be reserved for military purposes. Only a portion of Reservation Point was reassigned to military purposes:
The U.S. Army obtained Use Permits from the Federal Security Agency and from the Navy in 1943 for the installation of Terminal Island Barrage Balloon Site "B" (Hereafter a separate history). Barracks were constructed for this balloon launching site near the south end of Reservation Point. Permits were relinquished in 1945 and 1950. Barracks constructed for this installation do not currently exist at the location described.

The War Department (likely the U.S. Army) obtained Use Permits from the Navy in 1943 and 1944 for the installation of Anti-Motor Torpedo Boat Battery, Terminal Island (Herafter a separate history). This gun battery site was located near the south end of Reservation Point. Permits were relinquished in 1951 and 1956. The only permanent improvement for this site was an underground cable.

The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI), Terminal Island (constructed on property owned by the Department of Justice), located on the eastern half of Reservation Point, was "commissioned" to the Navy from approximately 1944 to 1950 for use as disciplinary barracks.

Currently Reservation Point is occupied by the Coast Guard and Department of Justice. It is likely that DOD was responsible for some improvements at the Coast Guard Base while it was controlled by the Navy. Any such improvements, if in existence currently, are probably in beneficial use.
Naval Operating Base (2005)
The Naval Operating Base provided the following services and operations:
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