California Militia and National Guard Histories
State Guard Order of Battle, 10 September 1942

1st Regiment
A, San Francisco
B, San Francisco
C, San Francisco
D, San Francisco
E, San Francisco
F, San Francisco
G, San Francisco
H, San Francisco
I, San Francisco
K, San Francisco
L, San Francisco
M, San Francisco

2nd Regiment
Headquarters, Los Angeles
Headquarters, 1st Battalion, Los Angeles
A, Los Angeles
C, Los Angeles
F, Los Angeles
H, Los Angeles
I, Los Angeles
K, Los Angeles
L, Los Angeles
M, Los Angeles

4th Regiment
Headquarters, Long Beach
Headquarters, 1st Battalion, Santa Monica
Headquarters, 2nd Battalion, Hermosa Beach
Headquarters, 3rd Battalion, Long Beach
A, Santa Monica
A (Reserve), Santa Monica
B, Beverly Hills
B (Reserve), Beverly Hills
C, Santa Monica
C (Reserve), Santa Monica
D, Westwood Village
D (Reserve), Westwood Village
E, Culver City
F, Hermosa Beach
F (Reserve), Hermosa Beach
G, Inglewood
G (Reserve), Inglewood
H, Torrance
H (Reserve), Torrance
I, San Pedro
I (Reserve), San Pedro
K, Long Beach
K (Reserve), Long Beach
L, Long Beach
L, (Reserve), Long Beach
M, Long Beach
M (Reserve), Long Beach

5th Regiment
A, Riverside
B, Elsinore
C, Corona
D, Arlington
E, Redlands
F, Banning
G, Desert Center
H, Riverside
I, Indio
K, Riverside
L, Blythe

6th Regiment
Headquarters, Pomona
A, Pomona
B, Pomona
D, Pomona
F, Pomona
I, Moccasin

7th Regiment
A, Los Angeles
B, Los Angeles
C, Los Angeles
D, Los Angeles
E, Corona
F, Corona
G, Corona
H, Corona
I, Los Angeles
K, Los Angeles

8th Regiment
Headquarters, San Diego
A, San Diego
A (Reserve), San Diego
B, San Diego
B (Reserve), San Diego
C, San Diego
C (Reserve), National City
D, San Diego
E, San Diego
E (Reserve), Vista
F (Reserve), Delmar
G (Reserve), Fallbrook
H, San Diego
H (Reserve) Escondido
I, San Diego
I (Reserve) El Centro
K, San Diego
K (Reserve), Calexico
L (Reserve), Imperial
M (Reserve), Brawley

9th Regiment
Headquarters, Oakland
A, Oakland
B, Oakland
C, Oakland
C (Reserve), Santa Rosa
D, Petaluma
D (Reserve), Petaluma
E, Oakland
E (Reserve), Pittsburg
F, Fairfax
G, Napa
G (Reserve), Concord
H, Fairfax
I, Crockett
I (Reserve), Burlingame
K, San Mateo
K (Reserve), Palo Alto
L, Salinas
M, San Mateo
M (Reserve), Oakland

10th Regiment
Headquarters, Sacramento
A, Sacramento
A (Reserve), Sacramento
B, Sacramento
E, Sacramento
F, Sacramento
F (Reserve), Dunsmuir
G, Yreka
H, Sacramento
I, Eureka/Garberville
K, Crescent City
L, Fortuna
M, Cummings

12th Regiment
Headquarters, Glendale
A, Glendale
A (Reserve) Glendale
B, Glendale
C, Glendale
D, Glendale
D (Reserve), Burbank
E, North Hollywood
F, Glendale
F (Reserve), Van Nuys
G, Santa Barbara
H, Santa Barbara
L, Ventura

13th Regiment
Headquarters, Fresno
A, Bakersfield
B, Bakersfield
C, Avenal
C (Reserve), Porterville
D, Caruthers
E, Fresno
E (Reserve), Fresno
F (Reserve), Fresno
G, Big Creek
H, Reedley
H (Reserve), Reedley
I, Hetch Hetchy
K, Merced Falls
L, Turlock
M, Turlock

311th Regiment
Headquarters, San Bernardino
A, San Bernardino
B, Baker
C, San Bernardino
D, Valley Center
E, San Bernardino
F, San Bernardino
G, Rialto
H, Rialto
I, Pasadena
K, Pasadena
1st (Reserve) Platoon, Arcadia
L, Pasadena
M, Pasadena

1st Quartermaster Regiment
Headquarters, Sacramento
A, Chino
B, Chino
C, Chino
D, West Los Angeles
E, Sacramento
F, Chino
G, Oakdale
H, Oakdale
I, Oakdale
K, Sacramento
L, Sacramento
M, Sacramento

Nautical Corps
1st Ships Company, Monterey
2nd Ships Company, San Pedro
3rd Ships Company, San Pedro
4th Ships Company, San Pedro
5th Ships Company, Balboa
1st Marine Company, San Pedro
2nd Marine Company, San Pedro


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