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Sacramento Engineer Depot
The site is now a parking lot for Raley Field baseball stadium.

US Army Corps of Engineers Public FUDS GIS System History (1991)

Property Description: The site is located in West Sacramento, California, in Yolo County. It occupies 27.8 acres in Township 9 North, Range 4 East, M.D.B. & M. It is bounded on the west by Riske Lane and on the northwest by Ball Park Drive. South River Road forms the east and south boundaries of the site. The Sacramento Engineer Depot site is occupied by numerous commercial and industrial facilities. No structures were identified to be of the definite Army origin.
Property History: In the 1942 the Army leased 27.8 acres from the Sacramento Northern Railway. The are was used by the Corps of Engineers as a closed storage area for the military supplies. The government constructed 18,051 square feet of shop space. Ten acres of gravel paving was added to the property. A directive dated 20 February 1945 authorized the acquisition of the property in a fee interest, in lieu of leasehold interest. At the end of the war, a military necessity was no longer required; thus the property was surplused 31 July 1947 and the lease cancelled defective 31 October 1947. Copies of the lease, a yard plans for the building and lease cancellation could not be found.
US Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District History (1992)
The former Sacramento Engineer Depot was located approximately .25 miles northwest of Sacramento at Riske Lane in West Sacramento. The street names along the site boundary have been changed since Army use. The current boundaries are Riske Lane to the West, So. River Road to the east, West Capitol Ave. to the north, and an industrial development to the south. Between 1942 and 1947 the Army leased 27.8 acres from Sacramento Northern Railway. Lease records are available.

The site was known as the West Sacramento Yard, the Sacramento District Engineer Storage Yard, the Sacramento Engineering Depot, and the Equipment Yard (Military Warehouse #2). The site was used by the Corps of Engineer Pacific Division. The Government used the site for a closed storage area, shop space, and office space. The entire site was under Army control during the duration of the lease. According to real estate data, all construction of the following was by Army: 18,041 square feet of storage space, 340 square feet of office space, and 12,687 square feet of shop space. Also, 10 acres of gravel paving was laid.

The entire 27.8 acres were surplused 31 July 1947 and the lease cancelled effective 31 October 1947. It is unknown if Sacramento Northern Railway took back the property or if another interest was involved. Also, it is unknown whether there was a recapture clause or restoration provisions. The current owners are as follows: Robert M & Nancy Wilson, Sacramento, CA; Mclaughlin Draying Co. Sacramento, CA; Paul C Young et all Salt Lake City, UT; State Box Company, West Sacramento, CA; Alan F. Olson, et all Sacramento, CA; Peter C & Lloyd L Derania TR, Carmichael; Vanwaters & Rogers Inc., Seattle, WA; Energy Absorption Systems Inc., Chicago, 11; Tecon Pacific, West Sacramento, CA; Bnd Weyerhaeuser Company, Tacoma, WA. Structures were used during Army leases as warehouse, shop and office space.
US Army Corps of Engineers Real Estate Map
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