California Militia and National Guard Unit Histories
Sacramento Home Guard
(9th, 10th, 19th and 26th Companies, California Home Guard)
Sacramento News
The following article was copied from the December 22, 1917 issue of California Home Guard News.
The four Home Guard Companies making up the First Battalion of the California Home Guard, have been drilling faithfully for the past eight months under the direction of Major S. W. Kay.
The Sacramento companies are very fortunate to have a man of Major Kay's caliber at the head of the organization. Major Kay has had thirty years' experience in the National Guard, and is a capable leader.
Captain Egbert Brown is in charge of Company 9, and is a live wire, an all-round good fellow, and a faithful worker. Much of the success of the Sacramento companies is due to Captain Brown's efforts. He is ably assisted by Lieutenants Osbourne, Elliott (Adjutant-Major of Battalion), and Irving Post.
Company 10 is in charge of Capt. Geo. B. Baldwin, a Spanish War veteran, but very much alive and on the job. Company 10 has the distinction of having the City Superintendent of Schools, Principal of the High School, the Coroner, Panama Murphy, of baseball fame, and Jess Bolton on its muster roll.
Company 19 is in charge of First Lieut. H. Baugh. Company 19 was unfortunate to lose Captain Victor Chambers, to whom much credit is clue for the good work of the company. Captain Chambers perfected his company in machine gun work, and although they used automatic shotguns for machine guns, and bicycles instead of mules, their drills were very real and exceedingly interesting. The 19th Company surprised the other companies one evening at a battalion drill by appearing in uniforms and equipped with wooden guns.
All that the Sacramento Battalion needs now is arms and equipment, and we will be ready to serve Uncle Sam in any capacity he wishes to use us. We want to do our "bit," and we hope that the Adjutant-General and the Governor will very shortly see fit to recognize us in the proper manner.


26th Company, Oak Park
The following article was copied from the December 22, 1917 issue of California Home Guard News. This company was located in the Oak Park section of Sacramento

Captain, A. G. WILSON
First Lieutenant, H. G. DOWDALL
Second Lieutenant, L. B. GAROUTTE

Twenty-six Company received its license from Governor W. D. Stephens on June 28, 1917. The above officers were elected by the company and received their commissions from the Adjutant-General shortly afterward.At that time we had about seventy-five on the muster roll. Until lately we have been drilling twice a week, Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings.

Lieutenant L. B. Garoutte left for Camp Lewis with the first contingent from Sacramento. This vacancy was filled by Byron C. Erwin, who was elected by the company and
received his commission from the Adjutant General.

We have been drilling with wooden drill guns, purchased by the company, every Wednesday night at the State Armory. Last October the four companies of Sacramento and vicinity, the Ninth commanded by Captain Brown, the Tenth commanded by Captain Baldwin, the Nineteenth by Captain Chambers and the Twenty-sixth commanded by Captain A. G. Wilson, petitioned the Adjutant-General to form them into the first battalion, California Home Guards, which petition was granted and Major S. W. Kay was appointed Major of the battalion.

This company has been fighting for recognition and equipment the same as all other home guard companies in the State, but so far we have had very little success. The members of the company are enthusiastic in this work and if we could only get equipment it would only take a very short time to whip the company into first-class shape. The officers of the battalion have taken the matter of equipment up with Martin Madsen, the Governor's secretary, and the Adjutant-General's office and we are now taking it up with the State Council of Defense.


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