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Sacramento Remount Purchasing and Breeding Station
The Ochsner Building, 719 K Street, Sacramento in 1940 (left) and today (right) (KXTV Channel 10, Sacramento)
Established in 1922 as the Headquarters for the Western Remount Purchasing Zone (later Western Remount Area), Army Remount Service, US Army Quartermaster Corps; this activity was on the fourth floor of the Ochsner Building located at 719 K Street in downtown Sacramento. The station's mission was to oversee the breeding and purchasing of horses and mules for cavalry, field artillery and other uses.
In 1922, the Army Remount Service owned 45 thoroughbred stallions for breeding purposes. The following seven stallions were located in Sacramento, although the location of the stable is currently unknown.
This activity was relocated to San Mateo in August 1930.


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Updated 8 February 2016