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San Bernardino Engineer Sub-Depot
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1992)
Site Name: San Bernardino Engineer Sub Depot, currently known as National Orange Show.

Site Location: Two miles north of the San Bernardino Freeway in downtown San Bernardino.

Site History: The National Orange Show Stadium was built by the Works Projects Administration in 1941 for San Bernardino County. In 1942 the War Department leased 71.52 acres of land from the San Bernardino County and acquired two permits for use of a railroad spur to develop the San Bernardino Engineer Sub Depot. Use of the depot as a weapons storage and sewage facility terminated in 1946. Today the National Orange Show grounds are used to host a variety of events such as flea markets, concerts and car shows.
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1993)

On 10 April 1942, the War Department leased 70.00 acres of land from San Bernardino County for a Storage and Salvage Operations Facility. An additional 1.52 acreage was acquired by lease from two other land owners, bringing the total amount of leased land in use to 71.52 acres. Two permits were also acquired. One permit with the Pacific Electrical Railway Company allowed the Army use of a railroad spur. The other was an encroachment permit granted by the Division of Highways allowing use of a railroad spur crossing. The site was developed and named the San Bernardino Engineer Sub Depot.

The Army utilized this land as a storage and salvage facility for weapons prior to their shipment overseas. No buildings or structures were constructed in conjunction with this installation. The San Bernardino Engineer Sub Depot remained active until July of 1946.

On 12 July 1946, the Defense Department reported as surplus 71.52 acres leased. Lease termination was then imminent and became official on 58.34 acres on 16 September 1946. Lease on the remaining 13.18 acres was officially terminated on 14 November 1946. Permits granted by Pacific Electric Railway Company and the Division of Highways for joint use of a railroad spur and spur crossing were also terminated on 30 December 1946 and 5 September 1947. This site is currently the National Orange Show grounds owned by the County of San Bernardino.


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